Which Karat Is Good For A Gold Long Chain?

Posted by Admin on February, 16, 2022

People love to wear gold jewelleries since ages. There was a time when gold was not so expensive but today it is highly expensive and many people are unable to invest much in gold. But still, people who love to wear gold jewellery will always find a way to invest in them. So, here we can suggest you how to make your investment in gold chains of you want to buy one for yourself or your loved ones. Keep on reading to know the details.

How to Measure the Purity of Gold?

Want to wear long gold chain but need to know how? There are different types of gold karats available in which you can invest to make a gold long chain. The purity of Gold is measured in terms of Karat. It is a unit used for measuring the purity of gold. There are different types of Karats in which gold is available. To get a gold chain, you can check the karat and its price accordingly. Each type of gold karat has a different purity level. The measurement is done by dividing the karat with 24 and multiplying the result with 100. This means the purest form of gold is 24 Karat and 9 Karat has only 37.5% gold content in it.

1. 9K Gold: As per the measurement, 9K gold means the pure gold content in it is 37.5% only. This type of gold is not much in demand due to its low purity content.

2. 10K Gold: This gold type has only 41.7% purity only. This is also used in making different types of jewelry items.

3. 14K Gold: This karat is one of the popular ones and contains 58.3% pure gold.

4. 18K Gold: This gold Karat is also very popular as it contains 75% pure gold along with other alloys. You can easily get a gold chain made out of it.

5. 22K Gold: This Karat type contains 91.7% of gold and is quite expensive as it does not contain other alloys but pure gold content.

6. 24K Gold: This is the purest form of Gold and hence, it is expensive and do not contain any mixing of alloys with it.

Here are different varieties of gold with their purity levels. And every type has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Purity Chart:

Karats Parts of Gold Purity [%]Millesimal Fineness

24K 24/24 99.9999

22K 22/24 91.7916/917

18K 18/24 75750

14K 14/24 58.3583/585

12K 12/24 50 500

10K 10/24 41.7416/417

9K 9/24 37.5375

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each gold type?

• 18 K gold is as pure as possible and have a yellow appearance. It is considered best for diamond jewelries.

• 14 K gold is pure, durable and value for money. It is more expensive than 10K gold yet affordable.

• 10 K gold is the most affordable and durable type of gold. But it has a pale-yellow texture that does not look good if only a gold jewelry is made out of it.

Now, you get a fair idea about the purity of gold. You can get a long gold chain for yourself in your desired Karat of gold. If you are looking for gold long chain suppliers in Mumbai, then search online.

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