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Gold And Gold Jewelries In Long Chain

Posted by Admin on March, 17, 2021

Aurum (Au) is a chemical element that people commonly term Gold. The element gold is a metal which is mostly used for jewellery making purpose. Gold, in a pure form, is very bright, and it has a reddish-yellow hue. It is malleable and ductile in nature, gold is a chemical element that is least reactive. These are the main reasons for which this metal is used for making jewellery.

Gold is comparatively a rare element. This makes this metal precious and expensive. Not only for jewellery, but gold has also been used for a different form of arts in history and mainly for coinage. Nowadays 50% of gold consumption is for jewellery, 40% for investment purposes and 10% for industrial matters.

Nitric acid is incapable of dissolving gold, whereas it easily dissolves base metals and silver. Therefore nitric acid tests are conducted for confirming the presence of gold and it’s purity in a metallic object.


The purity of gold jewellery is measured by karats (k). The price of the gold is directly proportional to the value of karats. 24k gold is the purest form of gold yet 22k gold is much more recommendable for making jewellery.

22 karats include a gold percentage of 91.7 per cent. Jewellery made of 22k gold is pretty hard for it contains other metals as well. Since these pieces of jewellery are mixed with other metals as well, they are comparatively less expensive.

24 karat gold has 99 per cent purity. Because no other metals are mixed with this, this gold jewellery is not very hard and therefore much more expensive. 24k gold is mainly purchased for investment purposes.


Jewellery is decorative ornamental accessories that are worn for personal beautification and adornment. Necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks and bracelets are different items and forms of jewellery. They might be either worn or attached to the garments. Jewellery differs in its forms among various cultures. They are made of a wide range of metals, beads, gemstones etc.

Gold jewellery has a very strong denotation of status. Jewellery was worn as charms in ancient times with a belief of being saved from evil, illness etc. Gemstones jewellery even now is worn for wealth and fortune, being prescribed by archaeologists.

Jewellery in Gold Chain

Jewellery is more worn by females than males. It has great significance in weddings all around the globe. Forms and designs of jewellery vary in different countries and among cultures. Among all the form of jewellery, gold long chains are the most common form.

A gold chain might be of different lengths and of different styles. Any person who wants to acquire a gold chain could choose from a wide range of variety starting from straight forward designs to gorgeous ones. Different chains suit different personalities.

Different Types and Designs of Gold Chains

Gold in India has a different kind of significance. The gold jewellery business has a separate market base throughout the year. Gold long chain suppliers in Mumbai are noteworthy among them. Being the busiest business city in India, it deals with every form and types of chains. Some different types of gold chains are as follows --

• Ball or bead chains: chains made by round beads, which are closely linked or attached by gold threads at regular intervals.

• Cable chains: these are unisexual chains. They are very simple yet elegant. The pattern of the chain is interlocked ovals.

• Anchor chains: they also bear the interlocking oval pattern but they have a bar between individual ovals.

• Rope chains: this variety resembles just like ropes. It is twisted all along and has a sparkling reflective effect in the light.

• Snake chains: when small gold circles are attached to each other in a way that resembles snakeskin, the design is regarded as a snake chain.

• Spiga Chains: delicate gold strands when twisted and woven into braids, the design is called Spiga chain. They look beautiful in themselves.

• Singapore chains: braided and twisted chains, which are a very strong variety and very beautiful.


Gold chains are also chosen according to the need and function of the chains. Daily wear chains are comparatively shorter, with a length of 14 to 16 inches. In India, gold jewellery is gifted and worn at marriage parties. For this, long chains are chosen with a length of 18 to 22 inches.

For chains that are to be worn with a pendant, needs to be a bit thick and strong to carry the weight of the pendant. For chains designed to wear with pendants have a lock, from where the pendant is inserted. The lock system is also there for shorter chains. Otherwise, most of the chains are continuous.

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